LE Blueberry Extract and Pomegranate Extract

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Blueberry extract + pomegranate supports arterial health

60 vegetarian capsules

Blueberry Extract and Pomegranate delivers the antioxidant benefits of a potent blueberry extract with the extra benefits of pomegranate. READ MORE


Non-GMO | Vegetarian

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Compared with many fruits and vegetables, blueberries contain some of the most potent compounds for inhibiting oxidative stress and promoting a healthy inflammatory response. Blueberry Extract and Pomegranate is formulated from wild blueberries and includes a standardized pomegranate extract to provide additional antioxidants.


Blueberry Extract and Pomegranate Benefits


  • Provides powerful antioxidant protection with high-quality blueberry & pomegranate extracts
  • Helps support arterial health & circulation by encouraging healthy nitric oxide production
  • Helps protect endothelial cell health by inhibiting oxidative stress
  • Helps maintain already-healthy LDL cholesterol, blood sugar & blood pressure levels