LE L-Arginine Caps 700 mg

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Amino acid for optimal arterial health

200 Capsuples


L-Arginine capsules are a convenient way to ensure you maintain healthy levels of this amino acid. It can help retain youthful elasticity in your arterial system and maintain cardiovascular health.READ MORE


Gluten free Non-GMO Vegetarian


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The human body naturally produces L-arginine. It is also obtained through diet. But some people struggle to get enough of this semi-essential amino acid through either of those routes. Our L-Arginine Caps provide 700 mg of L-arginine along with 10 mg of vitamin C to support arterial health and more.


L-Arginine Caps Benefits


  • Supports arterial health
  • Helps maintain healthy tissue & bones
  • Supports already-healthy blood pressure levels
  • May help maintain a healthy immune system