LE Dietary Supplement Product (Shade Factor™)

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Safeguard your skin from the inside out.

120 vegetarian capsules


Our Best in Class Shade Factor™ oral supplement helps safeguard your skin health from the inside out, promoting healthy DNA before, during and after UV exposure. READ MORE


Non-GMO Vegetarian


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Even moderate ultraviolet exposure can take a toll on skin health. Shade Factor™ is an oral formula that uses three ingredients to support the body’s natural immune response to UV exposure: niacinamide, Polypodium leucotomos extract and Red Orange Complex®. Our skin supplement supports healthy skin before, during and after you spend time outdoors.


Shade Factor™ Benefits


  • Supports natural immune response to UV exposure
  • Promotes healthy DNA before, during & after UV exposure
  • Encourages protective ATP production
  • Boosts cellular energy